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Calendula, soothing caress for baby's skin

синя линия, която подчертава текст
линия с по-голяма среда

   You are the sun whose warmth and light reflects your child. Make sure that your newborn's only barrier against harmful external influences - the baby's delicate skin - is nourished and protected so that your little one continues to shine from within.

Even after birth, some babies may experience skin problems related to various processes in their body, such as a disturbed bacterial environment, unregulated hormones, underdeveloped sweat glands or simply as a reaction to the environment - such as diaper rash, overheating rash, atopic dermatitis due to a reaction to irritants.

Given the delicate baby skin and still undeveloped immunity of newborns, to solve these problems it is recommended to use the cleanest baby cosmetics with a neutral pH, without parabens, silicones, phthalates and alcohol. And the best option is all-natural solutions, with extracts from nature.

There are plants in our country that can amaze you with their beneficial effects and can be an invariable ally in the fight against skin problems of babies. One of them is calendula. The visual resemblance of the beautiful flowers of the plant to the sun confirms it as its symbol, and its healing properties have been recognized and used for centuries.

The oil extracted from the sun leaves of calendula has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and soothing properties, making it an effective first aid for skin irritations of various kinds. The natural restorative, hydrating and antiseptic properties of the plant make it especially effective for dry skin, wounds, infections and baby acne. Calendula soothes, improves and protects dry or sensitive scalp, thus protecting the baby's delicate skin from the formation of milky crusts.

We, at Baby Crema, are firmly convinced of the beneficial effects and effects of calendula on baby's skin, which is why we created wet wipes of Baby Crema with calendula A sure ally of every mother for the most tender everyday moments - from the rising of your little sun to the world! Use wet wipes on every diaper change and trust the beneficial properties of calendula extract in the lotion with which they are soaked.

Мокри кърпички Baby Crema Water Wipes - 72 броя

Baby Crema Water Wipes

Влажни кърпички с 99% съдържание на вода, специално създадени за деликатната детска кожа.
Без алкохол, парабени, оцветители.
Без парфюми и ароматизатори.
С балансирано pH.
Подходящи от първия ден на вашето дете.
Изработени от висококачествени. материали, щадящи бебешката кожа.
Удобна, икономична опаковка.

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