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Why is good hygiene so important for children?

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With the coming of a woman's most important moment, to take on the role of a mother, come the responsibilities. Knowing that the child is completely dependent on the care of the parents, their care must be correct and well-adjusted.

Creating good hygiene habits in children is one of the main tasks of every parent. Good hygiene strengthens the immune system and reduces the chances of collecting microbes that can cause infections.  
Hygiene is important not only for health reasons. Good personal hygiene of children also increases their self-confidence.

The Internet has a lot of information containing a variety of tips and tricks on child hygiene. It is the most important element of care.

Let's start with the fact that building good hygiene from an early age, over time, gives results on the child himself. The example he grew up with is a key moment in the upbringing of adolescents. When parents observe good personal and overall hygiene, this inevitably affects the child's behavior in a positive way. An effective method to teach a child good habits is to do it through games and fun activities..

One of the most important good hygiene habits that children need to learn is hand washing..
You know that children between the ages of 2 and 6 are quite active, like to touch everything and get dirty quite often, so it is important to systematically build habits in them, such as washing their hands often before and after mealsafter games. outside and walk..

Добрата хигиена - майка с дете, което си мие ръцете

Why is hygiene important for your child's hands?
Because children are constantly touching the things around them, they catch a lot of microbes and bacteria from their environment. Therefore, proper hand washing could keep them healthy.. Show your child step by step how to wash his hands and make sure that he will perform all the steps correctly

And here they are: 
- Wet your hands with water.
- Apply soap on your hands and rub to form a foam.
- Make sure your child cleans even between the fingers and under the nails.
- Wash the soap thoroughly with clean water.

Pediatricians recommend rubbing with soap for at least 20 seconds.. In addition, it is important to dry your hands in a clean towel after washing.

Taking care of them builds habitsthat are important afterwards
growing up. Another important point is the observance of hygiene in adultswho are in contact with the child. Washing your hands before touching it or before playing is a must so that you do not risk transmitting bacteria.

Children develop a strong curiosity about everything that is in front of their eyes. They touch, try, analyze, mainly by trying it with their mouths. It is because of this fact that it is very important that the home is well cleaned and tidy to avoid possible consequences.
In addition to clean hands and at home, it is good to pay special attention to the child's toys. They are an ideal environment for the development of various microbes and bacteria. Regular washing of toys or wiping them is mandatory. 

Bathing and washing
Children up to 6 years of age are usually bathed by their parents, but during this period they develop their hygienic habits in the bathroom. Daily bathing removes dirt, dust, bacteria and dead cells from the skin of your little treasure. In order for the child to acquire the habit of bathing and to do it with pleasure and not with boredom, turn bathing into a pleasant and fun game for him. As you perform the evening ritual in the bathroom, explain what you are doing. Children easily remember routines. 

Сататия - добрата хигиена - бебе, което лежи

You can give him a step-by-step to try alone and just to get used to building the habit of bathing on their own. Children need to be taught to take care of their hair along with their skin. It is important to wash their hair at least twice a week to protect it from dirt, dandruff and scalp infections. It is preferable to use shampoos without parabens that do not irritate the eyes.

Potty training
This is one of the habits that requires the most time and attention from parents, and often proves to be a great challenge. Children need to be guided with calm and patience. Summer is considered to be a period in which children can more easily start potty training because they wear fewer clothes. Let the child just take off and put on his panties, show him how to use toilet paper, and a good approach is encouragement in mastering the process. Daily hygiene should not be a boring task, the process can be combined with children's play. Make it fun for your child to learn and look forward to healthy hygiene habits.

Wiping the nose
Children often have secretions in their noses or get dirty when eating, and wipes are an integral part of every parent's daily life. Explain to your children that they are soft and comfortable and that their use will not spread germs. You can put a package of wet wipes in the child's backpack when you go for a walk. This will keep you safe when there is no water around.

At an early age they have a strong sense of ownership.. Buy hygienic materials that entertain and delight them - soaps with an interesting shape, packages with teddy bears, cartoon characters and more. If you teach them that they have their own shampoos, soaps, wipes, it will be easier for them to learn to use them. A good method is to read appropriate books according to the age of the children. This way you will be able to easily and interestingly explain to them why hygiene is so important for their health. 

Good hygiene requires good products
Quality products are key to maintaining good hygiene in children.. The Bulgarian Pediatric Association also takes a stand on the issue, recommending medical cosmetics.

It is maximally clean and specially developed for delicate baby and children's skin. If your budget does not allow you to buy it or you have other preferences, then there are no alternatives. With one important detail - to adhere to the natural composition of the products.

The brand that meets all the requirements is Baby Crema. The cosmetics offered by the brand can be accessed in almost any specialty store. All series have been developed and clinically tested. Which are divided according to the needs of the baby's skin. Starting with bathing products and ending with sunscreens..

It is especially important to be careful with very sensitive skin to avoid common:
- dermatitis
- dehydration 
- alergy

Experimenting with different products is not recommended.
Preliminary study of the composition of a product, as well as reviews of it, would help you choose. In case you are hesitant and insecure, consulting a pediatrician would not hurt. It is also good to consider possible hereditary skin problems to share with a specialist. 

Why is it so important to maintain good hygiene in adolescent children?
Банерт - Baby Crema продукти

From all that has been said so far, you should have an idea of why hygiene is vital. Adherence to excellent hygiene in children reduces the chance of health problems. Which should be a leading factor in the regime of hygiene and selection of the right products.

In summary, we can say thathygiene is an integral part of our way of life. When all the basic principles are followed, the causes of concern are significantly reduced. The important thing is to be disciplined and persistent.

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