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The differences between natural and synthetic shampoos

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When it comes to baby shampoos, baby cosmetics and other personal care products, it is important to understand the difference between natural and synthetic ingredients. Not all shampoos are created equal. Some products are developed on the basis of natural extractsthat have a beneficial effect on hair and skin. Others contain synthetic substances that can offer a different set of advantages. But which type is better? The key is to understand the difference between the natural and synthetic ingredients of the shampoo so you can take informed decision which one to choose for you and your family. To help you to do this, let's take a closer look at natural and synthetic shampoos.

What are they the natural ingredients of the shampoo?

The natural ingredients of the shampoo are extracted from plants or minerals found in nature. They are organic, often have a milder impact and therefore provide gentle scalp care while nourishing the hair. Some of the most popular and loved natural ingredients in shampoos include aloe vera, argan oil, shea butter, coconut oil, shea butter jojoba, chamomile extract. All of them have been used for centuries as they have the property to maintain the good condition of the hair, to improve the strength or to prevent the dryness of the scalp with the help of its antimicrobial elements.

Many adults prefer to use baby shampoo precisely because of its purified composition and special gentle formula.Baby Crema shampoos with aloe vera extract and camomile extractwith their dermatologically tested formula, are suitable for use by both,newborn babies and adults who want to take special care of your hair. They have a 95% natural composition and do not contain dyes and parabensThanks to their gentle formula, they are suitable for sensitive scalps, prone to irritation.

What are the synthetic ingredients in shampoos?

On the other hand, synthetic shampoo ingredients are man-made chemical compounds. They are developed in a laboratory environment to have certain desired properties, such as a certain texture or cleaning power. They are designed to give you quick results, but they lack the gentle properties of natural ingredients. Common synthetic ingredients in shampoos include:

  • ·       parabens – chemical preservatives;
  • ·       phthalates - softeners;
  • ·       dyes;
  • ·       polyethylene glycol;
  • ·       quaternary ammonium compounds – antiseptics;
  • ·       silicone oils/derivatives – conditioners;
  • ·       petrochemicals - cleaning agents.

Some of these artificial components can be too harsh on your hair, leading to dryness, split ends or breakage if used for long periods of time. This type of product is not recommended for babies and small children, as their hair is significantly more delicate than that of adults.

Benefits of using natural shampoo ingredients

When we talk about the must-have beauty products for your baby, parents want to be sure their children are using formulas that are safe and do not contain any harmful ingredients. Synthetic shampoos contain chemicals that can irritate the skin or can be inhaled. That's why natural ingredients are the perfect choice for babies and children. Besides offering a safer alternative, they are also useful for adults.

The natural ingredients have been used in hair care products since ancient times because of their nourishing and hydrating properties. They have powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids that can help hair nourishment from root to tip. Unlike synthetic shampoos, which contain harsh detergents, the formulas of natural products often contain gentle cleaning agents, extracted from plant sources. These vegetable oils act as mild surfactants to help gently cleanse the scalp without stripping it of its natural oils (sebum). The natural ingredients of the shampoo also offer other benefits such as deep hydration and hair strengthening.

Natural shampoos usually do not contain any additional colorings, so they will not cause irritation or allergies in people with sensitive skin types. They are also free of silicones and parabens, which can be harmful to your hair over time if used frequently. As you can see, there are many benefits to using natural shampoo ingredients for both babies and adults. Not only are these types of cosmetics safer and gentler than synthetics, but they also offer numerous benefits to the hair and scalp while avoiding the irritating or allergic agents found in synthetic formulas.

The baby cosmetics Baby Crema offers not only gentle care for babies, but also safe option for each family member. The lightweight formulas, which are free of harmful chemicals, make them suitable for all ages, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of the skin care products they provide health and well-being priority.

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