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BACK TO SCHOOL MANIA Challenge with #BabyCremaStars

синя линия, която подчертава текст
линия с по-голяма среда

  First phase of the campaign BACK TO SCHOOL MANIA with  is over and we are not currently recruiting new participants, but if you are one of the moms that made it this far, then BACK TO SCHOOL MANIA is just starting.
If you are not among the participants downloaded today or you are coming to this page for the first time and learning about BACK TO SCHOOL MANIA, we are preparing new surprises, games, promotions, and special offers especially for you! Follow our website, Facebook and Instagram pages regularly to be the first to know about new games, promotions and products.
Here is our list of selected participants in BACK TO SCHOOL MANIA with #BabyCremaStars!

Check if you are among them!
1. Adriana Korueva - adr*****
2. Diana Nikolova - daq*****
3. Vaide Bikova - vay*****
4. Yana Petkova - qna*****
5. Pavlena Pesheva - pav*****
6. Siyana Borisova - kir*****
7. Galena Kondova-Dobreva - gal*****
8. Plamena Nikolaeva - nyx*****
9. Preslava Damyanova - dam*****
10. Yana Slavova - yan*****
11. Magdalena Trifonova - mag*****
12. Radinela Dimitrova - mil*****
13. Nadezhda Zhelyazkova - zhe*****
14. Petya Angelova - a_a*****
15. Petrana Georgieva - pep*****
16. Hristina Simeonova - hri*****
17. Laura Manova-Dzekova - lor*****
18. Silvia Nikolova - sis*****
19. Teodora Yavorova - ted*****
20. Elisaveta Georgieva - eli*****

Dear moms, wait for your gift box and join in our challenge!

It's September, the little ones are still enjoying their summer vacation, but the new school year is knocking on the door and it's time for all moms to get their little ones ready for the first day of school.
We know that the first day of school, the first day in the nursery or in the kindergarten are accompanied by first tremors, a lot of excitement, emotions and feverish preparation.
And this event is definitely worth recording with a video or photo.
That is why we are launching the campaign BACK TO SCHOOL MANIA with #BabyCremaStars. and we want to make you part of a beautiful and exciting adventure.

And what challenge have we prepared for them?

Each of the twenty drawn cheats must first prepare for the market by wearing the t-shirt of BACK TO SCHOOL MANIA with #BabyCremaStars.
In her challenge, she has to shoot a short Reels video or photo and show us how she gets her little ones ready for the first day of school and what are the essentials she shops for?
The first bell is approaching. And with it, the long walk around the favorite children's stores, bookstores and supermarkets, where moms discover and buy everything they need for the new school year.
To make it even more fun, each mom should include her little one in the challenge.
We expect their Reels videos and posts from this thrilling experience to be uploaded to their Instagram accounts by 09/19/2022 23:59. The game hashtag must be mentioned #BabyCremaStars, and tagged the account @babycrema_official.

Give us a smile and fun today!

A on 20.09.2022 one of the participants MOMIES will win the grand prize – shopping voucher worth BGN 50 from . And that's not all.
Two more moms will win incentive prizesset of baby cosmetics Baby Crema.

Shoot, share and win prizes
for BACK TO SCHOOL MANIA with #BabyCremaStars.

We are waiting for you on Instagram!

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