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The secret of Baby Crema cream soaps

синя линия, която подчертава текст
линия с по-голяма среда

Soap is the most ancient means of hygiene, known to people for centuries. Already in the 3rd millennium BC. in Sumer and Babylon they used soap not only for washing, but also for medicinal purposes. The ancient Romans also knew it, although not in its modern form. The first soap workshops in Europe appeared in the 12th century in the Spanish kingdoms of Alicante, Malaga, Castile and in Italian Naples, Genoa, Bologna, Savona. The first recorded recipe for obtaining soap from vegetable fat (olive oil), aromatic oils and caustic soda also dates from that time. She is a Muslim chemist and has not changed to this day.  

These days, soap is one of the most preferred cleaning products because of the beneficial organic extracts and oils in its composition. This is one of the reasons why the detergent is experiencing its European Renaissance, the other is ecological – no plastic packaging is used for its storage.

бебе в баня със сапунена пяна

For 20 years, mothers have trusted the gentle formulas of cream-soap Baby Crema

Experts say that cream soap is the safest for babies and toddlers, precisely because it lacks various gel-like, foamy, jelly-like additives. Our experience with baby cosmetics shows that mothers trust cream-soaps Baby Crema and Play Time in raising their children.

The secret is in tenderness!

Pediatricians recommend a very responsible approach to the choice of cosmetics for skin care of the newborn. The baby's bath product should not dry out delicate, sensitive skin or cause allergic reactions. The gentle baby cream-soap Baby Crema has a soft and delicate texture that simultaneously cleans and moisturizes the sensitive baby skin, keeping it extremely soft and smooth. Provides care like a mother's caress and loving touch.

What is the difference between the cream formula of the soap bar and regular soap?

Baby Crema soap cream formula contains one of the most powerful components in nature - allantoin - known for over 200 years for its incredible healing effect. It is known to act as a gentle cream on various skin lesions. Its superpowers are anti-inflammatory, reduce irritation, soothe and moisturize the skin, stimulate epidermal renewal, neutralize free radicals and promote healing of irritated areas. The soothing function of allantoin is recognized by the World Health Organization.

Ето защо той е главният герой в крем-продуктите Baby Crema за най-нежните моменти, свързани с грижата за деликатна и чувствителна кожа. Функцията му е важна, точно колкото неутралното pH на сапуненото крем-блокче и богато съдържание на натурални природни съставки – алое вера или лайка, които го правят подходящо за употреба от първия ден на бебето.

We gathered the power of natural ingredients known to generations of women:

Aloe Vera – is an indispensable helper in baby skin care. The miracle plant contains a number of enzymes that further help control local inflammatory processes and compensate for the need for deep hydration. Aloe contains antioxidants and vitamins A, C, E, as well as seven of the eight essential amino acids. Its precious juices are known to act as a natural disinfectant.

крем сапуни BABY CREMA, лайка и алое

Chamomile – has over 120 different active ingredients, including flavonoids and hamazulene contained in its essential oil. The herb, which has been associated with the sun for centuries, is among the faithful allies in the daily care of delicate baby skin. With its strong antiseptic and hydrating action, it is particularly suitable for the thin baby epidermis, which is susceptible to allergies and easily dehydrated. Baby soaps are free of parabens and dyes.

крем сапуни play time

For the moments when the bathroom becomes a children's kingdom of games, we have created Play Time cream soaps. They come in bright, colorful packaging where little ones discover cheerful friends for mischief. Hard cream blocks are suitable for daily use by the whole family. They are dermatologically tested and do not contain parabens. One of the advantages of Play Time is the larger weight. The cream-soap is preferred by mothers as it hydrates, moisturizes the skin and makes it soft to the touch.

It can be used directly on the skin by first rubbing it between mom's hands or in the baby's bath. Forms a dense, creamy and rich foam.

The cream soap is also ideal for the hygiene of the whole family with its convenient shape and budget price. You can wash your hands with it and also use it as a detergent for the clothes in the first days of the newborn.

Never leave the baby and child alone when bathing - without parental care!

Мокри кърпички Baby Crema Water Wipes - 72 броя

Baby Crema Water Wipes

Влажни кърпички с 99% съдържание на вода, специално създадени за деликатната детска кожа.
Без алкохол, парабени, оцветители.
Без парфюми и ароматизатори.
С балансирано pH.
Подходящи от първия ден на вашето дете.
Изработени от висококачествени. материали, щадящи бебешката кожа.
Удобна, икономична опаковка.

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