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How to turn bathing into a fun ritual?

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One of the first challenges every new parent faces is bathing the baby. Apart from all the other responsibilities we have, it is nice to provide a calm and safe bathroom space where the little one feels comfortable.

However, this is not always an easy task, especially with children who have a fear of water or new sounds around them. It's also worth thinking about the safety of the child.

During bathing, we find it difficult to hold the baby in one place so that water does not get into his ears or eyes. But there is good news - we can entertain the baby to increase his interest and keep him calm during the cleaning procedures.

We can even make bath time a much-anticipated event for the child.

Bathing is the first challenge every mother faces

The first bath can be a real challenge for the baby and for the parents. We still don't know what to expect and how the child will react. But this is an important step that cannot be missed, and it is хубаво да предразположим бебето към процедурата, as well as being calm while doing it.

There are several steps that are helpful in preparing for baby's first baths. They will help the child to be calm and us to do our work without any problems.

Why don't babies always love bath time?

The fact is, babies aren't always enthusiastic when it's bath time. In some cases, they may even cry and start moving too much, making the task even more difficult. But what are the reasons for this?

Most often the reason is fear. The child's fear may be of water, the room, and an overall feeling of insecurity. Both adults and children can have a fear of water because it is not their natural environment.

In addition, bathing most often takes place in the bathroom, where there is an echo, which further confuses the child. Babies instinctively close their eyes when water is running over their heads, which stops eye contact with mom or dad's familiar face. All of these factors can lead to anxiety on the part of the baby and complicate bath time.

How can we prepare to prevent this from happening?

Preparation is an important part of bath time for newborns and babies. Some of the most important factors are room heat, water temperature and baby cosmetics.

The heat in the room

Before we start the bathing procedure, it's good to we provide a pleasant surrounding atmosphere. No one likes to be wet and enter a cold, unheated room.

The same goes for babies, especially at their sensitivity levels. In advance warm the room in which you will bathe the baby, or in which you will change him after the bath. This will help him feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Water temperature

Another important part of preparation is to achieve optimal water temperature. Water that is too warm or too cold will certainly make the baby uncomfortable and may start to cry.

A suitable temperature is one that is equal to body temperature. You can use a thermometer or your elbow to check the temperature of the water.

Baby cosmetics

Last but not least comes baby cosmetics. Check the expiry date of the products you use and choose washing products only from established manufacturers.

It is good that they are suitable for the baby's skin and do not cause itching or irritation. You can choose products that do not cause burning on contact and be careful not to get soapy water in the child's eyes or ears.

How to entertain babies during bath time so they feel good?

After we have already prepared the perfect conditions for a bath, it is time to bathe. Despite everything, it is possible that the child is restless again, and this is where our imagination comes into play.

There are various ways we can entertain babies during bath time and distract them from what is going on. Here are some ideas on how to achieve it.


Toys are the perfect way to distract the baby during bath time. It's good to choose toys suitable for use in wet rooms. And why not combine the pleasant with the useful?

We can include toys that develop the child's motor skills or those that develop his imagination. If the child is too young for such classes, we can distract him with a puppet show.

Bubble bath and bubbles

A bubble bath is another great way to entertain your baby during bath time. In case it is too little, you can simply fill a large container with water and lather a product, which does not cause eye irritation.

You can make bubbles to fly around the child and entertain him. Another option is to play with it and give it an interesting hairstyle.


Stories do a great job of soothing children at bedtime. And why not during a bath? Get a booklet or use audiobooks and podcasts with fascinating stories.

They will calm the baby and he will listen with interest. If you don't have any of the above, you might just have to speak in a soothing tone, which will further strengthen the emotional bond between parent and child.

Music and songs

Music and songs are additional audio stimuli that can distract the child from the otherwise unpleasant bathing process. Play music from your phone or start singing familiar songs to the child. This will calm him down and make bath time a real pleasure.

It's always more fun with company

You can turn bath time into a real adventure for your little one if you include company. In case the child is too small, get in the bath with him. The touch of a loved one will calm him and predispose him.

If he is already a bit older, you can include other children in the adventure, such as a brother, sister or another child who is visiting. You can make bathing more fun and easy by adding some nice company.

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