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Camomile, known and useful for baby skin

синя линия, която подчертава текст
линия с по-голяма среда

  Camomile is one of the most recognizable homeopathic and healing ingredient and an indispensable component in the traditional herbal teas of every self-respecting mother and grandmother. However, tea is not the only form in which the healing properties of chamomile are used. The herb has been popular for its healing properties since the time of Greece, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Tibet. Mysterious ancient-times healers crushed camomile flowers for soothing ointments against a number of skin diseases and irritations. Healers at the time may not have known that camomile contained more than 120 different active ingredients, including flavonoids and chamazulene, the main ingredient in its essential oil. 

Nowadays, we associate camomile with the sun, with the natural power of light, with the warm care of the mother. The herb is also among the faithful allies in the daily care of delicate baby skin. With its strong antiseptic and hydrating action, it is especially suitable for thin baby skin, which is prone to allergies and easily dehydrated. It is no coincidence that the folk tradition (approved and recommended even by pediatricians), according to which at the first bath of the baby, a decoction of camomile should be added to soften and soothe redness. Baby Crema continues this endlessly useful custom and carries it into your baby's daily bathroom.

Camomile extract is widely used in our gentle cosmetic formulas due to its ability to hydrate the skin and restore epithelial cells. For this reason, chamomile products are especially suitable for baby's skin, five times thinner than that of an adult. They relieve irritation of the newborn's sensitive epidermis and help nourish and develop it.  

The antiseptic properties of camomile make the gentle cosmetics Baby Crema, especially suitable for overcoming the small imperfections of the baby's skin. Daily bathing with baby shampoo, cleansing emulsion and baby cream soap – Baby Crema with camomile, soothes your child's senses, helping to sleep peacefully and at the same time maintain hygiene.

Мокри кърпички Baby Crema Water Wipes - 72 броя

Baby Crema Water Wipes

Влажни кърпички с 99% съдържание на вода, специално създадени за деликатната детска кожа.
Без алкохол, парабени, оцветители.
Без парфюми и ароматизатори.
С балансирано pH.
Подходящи от първия ден на вашето дете.
Изработени от висококачествени. материали, щадящи бебешката кожа.
Удобна, икономична опаковка.

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