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Baby's first bath at home

синя линия, която подчертава текст
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At first, it may seem as a trivial and no-need-to-worry daily ritual, however, for first-time parents the baby’s first bath is a challenge.
This question raises concerns for the first-time mom when she’s still at the maternity ward, whereas some pregnant women start preparing for this event months earlier. More often than not, because of those fears, we ask our more experienced moms and grandmas to help us during the first days at home.
In fact, we shouldn’t be afraid, it is important that you rely on your maternal instincts and to observe the baby’s reactions. It is important to follow a few main rules and everything will be fine!
Baby Crema offers you answers, which will be for the benefit of the first-time parents during those long-waited-for times:

1. When to bath the baby?  The most suitable time for a bath for your precious jewel is in the evening, before his/her last feeding. Try to make a regimen, when this will happen at the same time of the evening. Thus, the baby will get used to the ritual and this will help for a better sleep. Before anything else, the bath brings pleasure for the baby!

2. Washing – before the umbilical cord stump has fallen off: Before the umbilical cord stump has fallen off, the baby shouldn’t bath, rather under running water, whilst making sure that no water gets into his/her ears and eyes. Take the baby tightly with your hand placed on his chest and tummy and start washing him/her with your other hand. The water temperature shouldn’t be over 36, 37oC. The easiest way to check the temperature is by “measuring” it with the elbow of your arm. Do not place the baby directly below the streaming water in order to protect him/her from a sudden change in water temperature. After finishing washing your baby, tuck him/her in a towel. Clean the belly button with a swab soaked in rubbing alcohol. Except its disinfecting effect, rubbing alcohol dries the skin and helps for a faster falling off of the umbilical cord stump.

3. Bathing. After the umbilical cord stump has fallen off, you can start bathing your baby in a bath tub, which gradually becomes a ritual and long-waited-for moment for the baby. 

Here are some main rules to observe:

  • Room temperature: room temperature should be between 24 and 26oC, you also have to make sure that no draught is coming in the room
  • Water temperature: water temperature where the baby is going to bath shouldn’t be above 36-37oC. The easiest way is to use a bath thermometer.
  • Baby bath tub. Shops and stores offer bath tubs with ergonomic design, which lifts the baby’s upper part of the body. We recommend that you use that type of bath tub because this way you won’t have to hold the baby with one of your hands during the whole time. Place a soft cloth on the bottom, which will protect the baby’s soft skin.
  • The water level in the bath tub shouldn’t exceed 5 cm, it shouldn’t reach the baby’s ears. Observe this rule strictly in order to reduce the possibility of water going into the baby’s ears and mouth. Dipping the baby: let this happen slowly and gradually, never dip the baby in the water in a sudden manner. Start with the baby’s feet and then gradually, by holding it at the same time, dip the bottom and the back. Always hold the neck and the head.

Never leave the baby alone even if it’s for a short time!

  • Comfortable position. Place the bath tub at a level which is comfortable for you, this will eliminate the incident risks.

4. Daddy to the rescue. Do not underestimate the role of the father during those times. It is important that he takes part too, which will help for the creation of a relationship between him and the baby, on the other side, thus dads feel included and needed. Show your partner that you trust him, this will encourage him and make him participate actively.

5. Necessary accessories.  Prepare all the necessary accessories beforehand, thus you will have everything you need at hand for the moment you are going to need it.

Here’s a list of the most necessary things:

- Baby bath tub
- Bath thermometer
- A small pour / rinse jug
- A tub with clean water with temperature of 36oC for a final pour/rinse
- Soft cloth for the bottom of the bath tub
- Baby shampoo. For soft and protective care, you can rely on our washing emulsion Baby Crema 2 in 1This is a product, which is equally suitable for the baby’s hair and body.
- Soft towel for rubbing the baby after the bath 
- Massage oil. Baby Crema offers you the gentle baby oil Baby Crema - suitable since day one. 
- Nappy rash cream. Try the new improved formula of Baby Crema – gentle rash cream with smoke bush extract, for even gentler and secure care. 
–  Biodegradable cotton buds.
- Appropriate clothes, according season.

At the end, we would like to encourage you to follow your maternal instinct. You will find the best rhythm and the best care for your baby.  

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