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High-quality baby cosmetics and how to recognize them?

синя линия, която подчертава текст
линия с по-голяма среда

Long-lasting hydration and protection from environmental factors are one of the most important qualities that cosmetics for children must own. Regarding whether the composition of baby products is completely natural or not, experts believe that the more natural extracts the products we choose for baby skin have, the better.

As we know baby skin is extremely delicate and vulnerable to irritations and rashes, and needs gentle care that is close to nature. Therefore, it is desirable for baby cosmetics to contain as pure a composition as possible, which consists of high percentage of natural extracts.

With the use of low quality baby cosmetics, we have a greater chance of getting toxins into the child's body.

That's why it's important to choose baby products with high quality, as their ingredients are the most effective and at the same time are safe for children's health. Bet on high-end baby cosmetics, which is enriched with vitamins valuable for the baby's skin.


Some of the known ingredients that are not desirable to be present in baby cosmetics are:

Висококачествена бебешка козметика
  •       parabens
  •       silicones
  •       phthalates
  •       sulfates
  •       artificial perfumes
  •       flavors and colors
  •       preservatives
  •       phenoxyethanol
  •       propylene glycol
  •       GMO organisms
  •       paraffins
  •       nitrosamines
  •       chemical filters
  • ●   substances that are products of oil extraction
  •       alcohol
  •       antiseptic substances

This number also includes nanoparticles and other toxic ingredients that can cause allergies and increase the risk of future health problems for the child. 

висококачествена бебешка козметика

What should you know about unwanted ingredients?


Parabens are widespread ingredients found in a variety of products such as creams, lotions, shower gels, shampoos, soaps, wet wipes.

It's proved that parabens have a carcinogenic effect. In themselves, they are neurotoxins that have a harmful effect on the reproductive system.


As we know preservatives are quite common in the composition of various cosmetic products. So if you can't avoid them completely, then choose products with minimal content.

Artificial fragrances

Although they add a pleasant fragrance to baby cosmetics, fragrances are not always safe for health. In almost all cases, fragrances in cosmetics that are not stated to be of natural origin are created based on chemicals.

Naturally, the everyday use of baby cosmetics with high chemical content  it won't be good for baby's skin health. A better option is cosmetic products for babies with very light or almost no fragrance.

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol is a chemical compound with a carcinogenic effect, which can be found in a large list of cosmetic products on the market. It may be found on labels written as PPG or PEG.

Although the harmful influence of the above-mentioned ingredients manifests itself in the long term, products without them are in all cases a better option.


It's triclosan an ingredient known for its antibacterial properties. Although it has a powerful effect on various bacteria and microorganisms, triclosan has a proven carcinogenic effect and it is not safe for the environment.This substance weakens the immune system, negatively affects the endocrine system and increases the risk of respiratory problems and allergies.


It may sound surprising, but the powdered mineral that is often found as an ingredient in baby powder is not that safe for children's health. He is proven carcinogen and may cause lung irritation.


Alcohol (also called ethyl alcohol or ethanol) is another thing that should not be present in baby skin care products. Cosmetic products containing alcohol have a drying effect on the skin, which makes them unsuitable for delicate children's skin.

Additional tips for choosing high-quality baby cosmetics

An important thing when buying baby cosmetic products is to pay attention to the origin of the given ingredients.

Remember to always yes read product labels, which you choose for your baby. Do not be fooled by beautiful packaging or inscriptions such as "bio" or "natural".

Another thing that certifies the quality of a baby product is when its effective action is confirmed by clinical studies. Choose baby products that are dermatologically tested and approved by pediatricians and dermatologists.

It's good to check the expiration date of baby products before and after you have opened them to prevent problems on the child's skin.

It is recommended that cosmetic products be of the same brand and series, as they will complement each other and there is less chance that their ingredients will cause a possible unpleasant skin reaction.

There really are on the market a wide variety of baby cosmetics brands. But trying new cosmetic products always carries the risk of a skin reaction, as each baby's skin is individual.


Therefore, even if you can't decide which cosmetic product to choose for your baby, it's best to consult a dermatologist about this issue.

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