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What should we bring when we go for a walk with a baby?

синя линия, която подчертава текст
линия с по-голяма среда

Going for a walk with a baby is an integral part of a mother's routine.This not only diversifies the already monotonous everyday life, but also the breath of fresh air has a positive effect. Going out hardens the newborn and strengthens his immune system, so all pediatricians recommend them, regardless of the season.

Often the walk seems like a pleasant and not so complicated activity. But when you face it, you realize that it is a real challenge. But this part, we will discuss later on.

The crucial moment comes when you have to stock up on all the basics when you go out. Believe it or not, they are not small. It is advisable to make a list for the first time so you won't miss something important.

Over time, you will get used to and know what you need most. For starters, we'll start with food.

If you are not a breastfeeding mother, you must include in the list:
- Thermos with hot water
- Bottle of lukewarm water
- Empty pacifier bottle

This will allow you to make the milk of the already hungry baby at any time. 

Семейно време - бебешката чанта

Often moms go for a walk after they have already fed their little one. So it became a restful afternoon nap for him.

Note: If you think that the walk will be short, especially if it is one of the first, then you do not need to burden your luggage with these things.
In case you are breastfeeding, it is good to wear a breastfeeding blanket, to feel calm.  

If the child is already fed with puree, then an integral part of your luggage will be:
- Spoons (two in case one gets dirty or falls off)
- Dry and wet wipes
- Bib
- Boiled water
- Spare pacifier

When you are already giving your child harder foods, you can add to the list - baby biscuits or fruit. 
We continue with the other necessary things for the inventory of the stroller. An integral part are the clothes, of course. Even if it seems unnecessary at first, you will later understand why most mothers stock up on them. 

To avoid risk, add to the bag:
- Body
- Baby pants
- Socks
- Hat
- Shoes 

Depending on the season, this list may change, but stick to the basics. You will probably wonder why shoes are included as well. Sometimes the baby just plays,, unbuttoning the clasps and moving, losing one of his shoes. (It has happened to me twice).
If you find this detail unnecessary, just cross it off the list. We come to the smaller things, but with great importance - hygiene and cosmetics. 

You will need:
- Wet wipes (in any case)
- Diapers (very important!)
- Dry wipes 
- Chopping cream
- Sunscreen 
- Repellent (if age allows)

 Other additional things like:
- Blanket
- Changing towel
- Mosquito net for stroller
- Stroller raincoat
- Medicine for colic
- Toys (after the third month)

It is good to remind that you also have personal belongings, that you can quickly forget to include. 
Some of them are:
- Phone
- Keys
- Purse
- Disinfectant 

Although some of the things are already available in stores, everything could happen. Sometimes walks can be longer, so pre-preparing luggage will save you some headaches.

Going for a walk with a baby - a great challenge.
As we mentioned at the beginning, the walk is really a challenge for a parent. Aside from the long list, you need to add to your stroller and baby bag, there are other things to consider. Season is an important factor.

You should always consider the temperature outside, whether the wind is strong, the probability of rain, etc. You can't become a meteorologist, but checking the forecast for the day wouldn't hurt. It is also right to make a mental route that you intend to take on.

If there is a shop or other place near you that you want to visit, have in mind that the time spent outside is getting longer. Which in turn affects the range of luggage. Sometimes you may need to visit by accident.

If before you considered only yourself, now you are thinking about another little person. Every mother feels her child, how patient and calm is, and vice versa. Assess the situations well so you won't spoil the baby's regime, respectively, and your peace of mind.

In case you have to do something quick, like shopping, paying bills, etc., it is better to entrust the care of the child to someone in the family. If this is not possible, adjust the load on the sites by the hour and visit them when it is calmer. 

When it is time for a preventive examination by a pediatrician, it is important to be well organizedBe prepared with all the side factors that can slow you down further. Keep in mind that waiting in front of the office will be annoying for you as well for your baby.

In time, you will stick to a certain regime and all this will seem much easier. In the beginning, it is normal for you to be less prepared, confused and nervous. All will get better in time. Remember that a trained soldier wins the battle. 

Банер - майки с колички в парка

What are the obligatory things we need to wear in order to react in any case?

Although the list provided is quite comprehensive, there is always more to add. Medicines are one of them. We mentioned colic drops, but there are babies who have more problematic stomachs. This requiresa medicine for gas, which is often taken before / after meals. 

With the most important things, it is good to be stockpiled, just in case. Namely from diapers, wet wipes, adaptive milk and water. You will be surprised how sometimes they end up out of nowhere, and you can always serve another mother in "trouble".
You need to be prepared from the beginning that the walk can be a real adventure. You will not always be able to be neat and perfect, but above all, good organization will be your helper.
All you have to do is wish yourself a pleasant weather and positive emotions to share with your baby outside!

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